Why is  2nd Gear structured along the same business model as Costco?

As a member of Costco, I always have been impressed at how easy they make it to purchase essential items and provide excellent customer service. They have a business model where memberships pay all the overheads of the business so they can make spot purchases and provide lower pricing to their members


Costco also understands the importance of employee retention by providing pay and benefits far above the average in the retail sector. Great customer service is far easier to deliver when there are long term employees that feel respected and know how the business operates. This along with liberal return polices makes it easy to purchase without hesitation.


While 2nd Gear is at best a start up business, the principle of purchasing gear on liquidation, and essential products at maximum discount delivers member pricing that shows membership fee payback in the first or second transaction.


Are 2nd Gear prices lower than other motorsport shops, ebay and craigslist?

We use a very targeted approach in purchasing, one that recognizes the best source in a specified time frame. 

2nd Gear members can expect pricing along these lines:


  • Canadian Distribution & Other Canadian Dealers (same price)
  • Everyday repair items needed in a day… Fork seals, brake pads, batteries, sprockets, chains, bulbs, levers, grips, spark plugs.
  • Tires (minimum 10% off retail, up to 50% off special buys and vintage tires)
  • Brands include Michelin, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Shinko, Kenda, Heidenau, Metzler 
  • Shop Rates (more than 25% off typical hourly rates)
  • $95/hr for Members, $110.00/hr for Non Members
  • US Distribution & US Dealers (up to 35% cheaper) 1-2 week turn around
  • Expensive OEM… and aftermarket parts not distributed in Canada

  • Helmets and Liquidation Gear & Apparel  (up to 55% cheaper)

  • End of line buys from last years catalog
  • Ebay (up to 1/10th of retail) 2 week turn around
  • Used CDI computers, wheels, forks, Used OEM and aftermarket exhaust systems.  Fairings, seats.
  • OEM styled signals via AsiaExpensive and no longer available parts for late model & vintage bikes

Can I shop at 2nd Gear if I'm not a member?
Absolutely!  Our staff will be happy to let you know when you've chosen a membership item, and when it's to your advantage to join up.

How do I become a member?
We don't require much, $20.00/year and your basic contact information is all it takes to join up.